Timmins Checklist of Birds

Timmins Checklist of Birds - 2021

You can now pick up a copy of the Timmins Checklist of Birds at the MRCA office! 

This pocket sized checklist contains all the birds ever observed and documented within the city of Timmins - Pick up a copy and check off the birds you see! It's a fully bilingual list! 
* La liste est aussi en FRANÇAIS pour les miroiseurs francophones de la région! *
Get your copy at the following location: 
Mattagami Region Conservation Authority100 Lakeshore rd, Timmins, (Near Gillies Lake, Hours: Mon to Fri: 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm)

Want to learn more?

An online version of the Timmins Checklist of Birds is available with abundance and seasonal occurrence codes to help us learn how common a species is and when we are most likely to see it in the area: Timmins Checklist of Birds with Abundance and Seasonal Occurrence Codes PDF 

Want to help?

The species list, as well as the abundance and occurrence codes, will be continually updated with the knowledge we gain from the growing number of dedicated birders in the area. 
  • If you encounter a rare bird or a bird that isn't on the list, make sure to note the date, time and location as well as details on the species and habitat, including photos and recordings if possible and contact us. 
  • If you encounter a bird on the OBRC Central Review List, please let us know and fill out the form on the OBRC page. 
  • When out birding, make sure the birds' well being is always the top priority: do not cause disturbance, do not disclose location of nesting birds or roosting owls, etc. and respect private properties at all time.

Thank you...

A sincere thank you to all who made this possible: MRCA and Wintergreen Funds for Conservation, the original members of the Timmins Naturalists and Mark Joron who have collected data over the past decades, Larry Labelle who drew the wonderful logo, the generous donors who helped us print the list, the birding community who helped us revise the historical data, and all the people who have contributed their sightings over the years! 

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