Friday, March 4, 2016

Favorite Birding Spots in Timmins - South Porcupine Area

Northern Ontario is a great place to discover birds.  We have such a vast, wild, non-developed territory to explore.  These never-ending natural areas mean that the birds are spread out and therefore, not easy to find. But that's ok because we love the challenge, right? And when we do find a worthwhile bird, it makes it even more special.  Cochrane district is a great place to look for birds and not a lot of people are doing it!  Actually, the territory is so vast and the number of birders so low, I've only ever ran into birders twice while in the field; that's twice in the last 5 years!  Personally, I think that's great in a way.  But just in case someone is looking for birding spots in the area, I have decided to add a page to this blog.  You will now find a tab that will give you access to a list of my favorite birding spots around the South Porcupine and Timmins area.  I will add spots around the Moonbeam area later on.  Good birding! 
American Redstart - Porcupine Lake